This 60-minute boot-camp is designed for Federal employees to understand what they can and can't be asked to do as an employee and what they can and cannot do as part of First Amendment activities.

Location: Payden 101



Ms. Liz Newman, Litigation Director at Jeffrey Law Group

“Hard work builds character,” should have been stenciled on Liz’s nursery wall. From her first job at a diner, to working at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, to assisting U.S. soldiers as a legal receptionist, Liz took that message to heart.

Liz also learned that sometimes hard work isn’t enough to protect you at work. Liz focused on labor and employment law at American University’s Washington College of Law, interning at the Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board. After law school, Liz joined the NLRB as a staff attorney. In 2007, wishing to directly assist Federal employees,

Liz left the NLRB to practice at a Washington, DC employment law firm, where she worked with Peter Jeffrey. Seeing a kindred hard worker, Liz has practiced with Peter for ten years. They focus on honest, straightforward advice for their clients. Because her clients have put hard work into their Federal careers, she works equally hard to help them in their Federal employment matters.




Melissa Mays, Water You Fighting For

Fighting through the Flint water crisis firsthand, Melissa learned how important it is to protect families from water and environmental contamination. Through activism, pushing for new legislation, education, scientific testing, and community organizing, Melissa was able to help bring the water crisis to the forefront. She has spent the past 2 years pushing for solutions, accountability, and real change so no other family has to suffer the same fate. It is critical that we change the way we view and protect our air, soil, and water. We need to work together to make the safest and most sustainable choices for our environment and our nation's future.


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Deirdre Shelly, US National Organizer, 350 and 350 Action

Deirdre Shelly is the US National Organizer with She works with climate activists across the country who are working to stop fossil fuel projects, build clean energy or pass climate legislation in their community. Deirdre joined the fight to stop climate change as a college student, when she worked on a campaign pressuring her University to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry. Much of her work has focused on how to deepen and expand the climate movement through mass mobilizations and actions.