From the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 to outlawing pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment, women continue to fight battles in the workplace that impact our economic empowerment and subsequently our quality of life.  Participants will learn about the unique economic and workplace challenges that women continue to experience in 2017.  This workshop will address disability rights, fair pay, childcare, family leave and healthy work environments.

Location: Main 100

Moderator: Mercy Morganfield



Lisa Maatz, Vice President of Government Relations at American Association of University Women

As AAUW’s top policy adviser, Ms. Lisa Maatz works to advance AAUW’s priority issues on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and in coalition with other organizations. She also provides leadership to several coalitions working to advance opportunities for women and girls, including the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education and the Paycheck Fairness Act Coalition. Ms. Maatz has a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and two master’s degrees from Ohio State. She also holds an adjunct appointment with the Women and Politics Institute at American University.



Nachama Wilker, Deputy Executive Director for Training and Technical Assistance at National Disability Rights Network

Ms. Nachama Wilker is the Deputy Executive Director for Training and Technical Assistance at the National Disability Rights Network. She is responsible for overseeing the training and technical assistance activities of NDRN, supervising the in-house advocacy and publications staff, as well as providing technical assistance on management, governance, and fiscal issues. She also served as Program Director and then Associate Director of the Genetic Alliance, a coalition working to improve the health of all by integrating consumers and families into the development of quality genetic healthcare, public awareness, and informed public policies.


ViolenceAgainstWomen-Jen P.jpg

Katherine Venice, CEO of The Ethical Capitalism Group, LLC

Ms. Katherine Venice is the founder and CEO of The Ethical Capitalism Group, LLC. Following a unique path as an institutional investor, Ms. Venice spent time as a strategy management consultant internationally, helping companies to build more robust long-term competitive platforms as well as other core strategy and growth consulting dimensions. She later explored the institutional investor function before developing an engagement model that focused on long-term collaborative partnership between institutional investors and company executive teams – combining the strategy design expertise of the institutional investors, with the strategy implementation expertise of the management consulting, functional and industry experts.


Rev. Marcia Dyson, CEO and Founder of Women's Global Initiative

Marcia L. Dyson, an ordained minister, is one of America's most respected civic-social activists and communication specialist . She is the President and CEO of M and M Dyson, LLC an international consultant enterprise in matters of business development, marketing, political strategies and social engagement.  She is the founder and CEO of Women’s Global Initiative, a for-profit entity to enhance the lives of women via wealth, education and civil participation.

Dyson has been championing for women's rights globally for over 20 years.  Former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, selected Dyson to be on the Women’s Global Summit Leadership board.  Zainab Al-Suwajj, President of the American Islamic Congress, invited her to join her in Cairo, Egypt to interact with women of Islam faith who represented every Muslim country to create a Modern Narrative for Muslim Women.

She is committee member for Knock Out Abuse that raises millions for women and families of domestic abuse. She is on the council of the United Nations Women and created programs for the group during the annual General Assembly.